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Angela Bassett Angela Bassett

A memorable evening of theater, entertainment and conversation about celebrating Black culture and overcoming diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Return here for the show at
8pm ET on Tuesday, May 25

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Presented by Know Diabetes by Heart™

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About the show

Watch an exclusive night of entertainment and inspiration straight from Harlem’s World-Famous Apollo Theater. The show, presented by Know Diabetes by Heart, features a mix of performance art, music, and entertainment. You’ll see original monologues inspired by pivotal moments of  people living with type 2 diabetes before the event host, Golden Globe® winning and Academy Award® nominated actress Angela Bassett shares her own powerful story. Throughout it all, a celebration of culture and meaningful conversation on triumphing over diabetes, heart disease and stroke. At the Theater will leave you feeling motivated to claim this amazing life you have built for yourself.

Angela Bassett Headshot

About Angela bassett

Angela Bassett is a Golden Globe® winning and Academy Award® nominated actor, director and activist known for captivating emotionally tinged performances full of dignity. After losing her mother to heart failure from type 2 diabetes, Angela teamed up with the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association to help launch Know Diabetes by Heart.

As a passionate advocate for diabetes education, Angela spreads the message about the strong connection between cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes to help people living with type 2 diabetes and their loves ones navigate the life-changing diagnosis and claim their second chance.

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